Still not placed for summer camp. A girl I know was placed yesterday after a long wait and I’m trying to be happy for her but it’s so hard when you’re still waiting and hoping. It’s been months now and my patience and even worse my excitement about it all is slowly fading away :(

When I went to the camp fair, a girl at one of the desks said don’t lose faith, she wasn’t placed til April and is going back this year for the third time. April is here, it’s almost gone and I’ve heard nothing. I applied in August and had everything confirmed by October, went to the camp fair but no-one was hiring for dance, have done everything asked of me. I’m at a loss as to what more I can do other than wait, but it’s so hard. I could cry right now haha!

I try to live by ‘what’s meant to be will be’ and that ‘good things come to those who wait’ - I just hope they both prove to be true. I’ve waited 5 years for this opportunity, 6 months of having my application circulating, I definitely have the knowledge and personality for camp and I’m so ready to do this. Please please please please please please please let it happen.

Perfect little family <3

Perfect little family <3

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Soooooo tired today! But a lovely weekend of dance, laughs, little children giggles and rapturous applause :) All done… until next year!

Dance Show Fun

Full day of rehearsals yesterday and first show done and dusted tonight! Seemed to go well, all the quick changers made it and no-one seemed too stressed. I’m responsible for quick changing the 2 girls I babysit tomorrow though - eek! Pressure! 2 more shows tomorrow and then party time!

If you love dance and you love Disney, then this is just perfect :)

DWTS Season 18 Opening Number from Week 5 - Disney Night.

And on that note, it’s off to my local dance show rehearsals I go!

Favourite outfit of the NZ part of the tour. Stunning.

Favourite outfit of the NZ part of the tour. Stunning.

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And I’m right back to being 16 and fangirling over Zac Efron in High School Musical 3. Ahhhhh…

Just not over this song by Justin Timberlake. It was his opener, it’s one of my favourites from 2020 Experience and he nailed it. Could listen to this all day, but it’s particularly perfect during a sunny Sunday afternoon :)

Well, hello Prince Harry ;)

Well, hello Prince Harry ;)

Only downside to last night was the distinct lack of sleep, from being hyped up about the show, to having a catch up in to the early hours, to sleeping in a different bed, followed by an early start so I could make it back to dance rehearsal. When I got to said rehearsal I scoffed a huge bag of Hula Hoops and a chocolate bar to see me through. Still felt like I wanted to die half way through though haha! Plus it left me overly emotional for Britain’s Got Talent too - could have cried at the boy band, the opera girl and the dancers at the end, and that’s not like me!!